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ver 0.57

ver 0.57(2022年月リリース) 大型アプデ - バイクイベント&性能向上、新しい乗り物


The "Quench the thirst with gasoline" event has already begun, and with it, update 0.57 is available for download! In this update, you will face a powerful new boss that can be encountered in several locations at the same time during the event! Also, we've made a large number of changes and improvements, and added new quests and objects in locations!

The "Quench the thirst with gasoline" event
    • ガソリンイベントを開催します

A new NPC has appeared in the locations - Biker. He is an old friend of Grisha "Mazuta". Like Grisha, he loves motorcycles. But if Grisha is “for practicality”, then his friend prefers beauty and aesthetics. Therefore, he has valuable goods for the locals: a new stylish motorcycle and new bikers' equipment. You can get them if you bring what he needs - chrome bolts.

Along with the new NPC, a new threat has appeared in the locations "Coast", "Korovie", "Eastern Territories" and "Swamps": the cybernetic wolf (drone). You can only meet it at night. This drone is an experimental development by WSC that was not completed on time. In particular, the system for determining the threat and targets was not correctly configured. Due to a misconfiguration, this drone destroys living targets within range and also uses the ability to call for backup.

Depending on the battle stage, the cybernetic wolf calls other drones to help him and opens up new attacks. We also tried to adjust the mechanics of the event in such a way as to maximize the usability of all the strengths of the character classes. Thus, for example, damage to the main character of the event will be dealt with at a greater distance, and characters of the "Hunter" class will be able to deal more damage to flying targets and other assistants. In addition, all the goals that participate in the event are counted when issuing a reward for completing the event, and the process of issuing a reward works even for those characters who are not currently in the event zone but took an active part in it.

By defeating the cybernetic wolf, you will be able to get the most precious chrome bolts, which can be exchanged for event items. However, chrome bolts can also be obtained in another way: by completing quests, searching crates, and so on.
    • 各地にNPCやボックス、イベントモンスターを配置

Event Rewards

After collecting the required number of bolts, you can get a new transport - Scrambler. It is significantly faster than a moped and also has better handling. Its tank holds more gasoline, however, and its fuel consumption is higher.
    • 新しい乗り物は、燃費効率やスピードの向上 リワードで材料などを獲得します

You can also get a set of biker clothes - a helmet, vest, and jeans. The vest is presented in four colors to choose from and has a feature: it hides a backpack on the back so as not to spoil the look of a stylish biker. This set has no faction requirements and is universal for all types of players and classes, as it belongs to the category of light armor, like chitin armor.

Also, for those who do not have the time, opportunity, and desire to search for chrome bolts, a scrambler and a set of clothes can be purchased in the in-game store.

The event will last from August 17 to September 4 23:59 UTC. After the event ends, the wolf drone and chrome bolts will be removed from the game. The biker will stay for a while, so players can exchange the received bolts for prizes.

Location design improvements and new quests
    • ヘルメット、ベスト、ジーンズなど バイカー用品を取得できます
    • ベストは4色あり、スタイリッシュなバイカーの外観を損ないません
    • 派閥などの装備制限はなく、すべてのプレイヤーが対象です
    • イベント品、新しいバイクの用品は、ストアでも販売します

In this version, we've added 12 new quests in the Korovie location, some of which can be obtained from NPCs, and some of which become available on the bulletin board as these quests are completed. Also in the location "Korovie" appeared additional objects in the direction of the abandoned laboratory. As the quests are completed, players will have access to a new way to get fuel, as well as quite a good amount of experience, which will positively affect the leveling-up of characters up to level 20.
    • イベント終了後、オオカミドローンとクロムボルトはゲームから削除されます。バイカーはしばらく滞在するので、プレイヤーは受け取ったボルトを賞品と交換することができます。
    • 「コロヴィー」には、放棄された研究室の方向に追加のオブジェクトが現れました。クエストが完了すると、プレイヤーは燃料を得るための新しい方法と、レベル20までのキャラクターのレベルアップにプラスの影響を与えるかなりの経験値にアクセスできます。

Other changes
  • Ratburger and perfect broth no longer drop out of inventory on death
  • Now, if the body armor has hand protection, then when it hits the hands, armor plates are no longer used for protection, only armor, and its characteristics. Armor plates, respectively, are not destroyed when shot into the hands
    • 手の装甲は、今まで破壊オブジェクトでしたが、ステータス値として扱われます
  • Now the description of body armor indicates the presence or absence of hand protection
  • The shooting system has been significantly redesigned. We expect that now the weapon will be more responsive, and various problems and situations when the weapon stopped shooting for some reason should be fixed (in the absence of other problems, for example, with the Internet on the user's computer). Along with this, various small conveniences in the behavior of weapons were added. For example, a weapon will fire immediately after reloading if the fire button is held down while reloading the weapon. Also in the game settings, an option for automatic reloading has been added. By default, auto-reload is disabled.
    • 武器の応答性が向上、挙動に利便性を足しました
    • リロード中に射撃を推したままにすると、リロード終了後即座に射撃する
    • 設定から自動リロードの項目を追加
  • Added new mobs: Black jelly
  • In the "Canyon" location, new objects have been added at the entrance to the "Testing Grounds" location. Players returning from the "Testing Grounds" to the Canyon can now use these hideouts
  • Reworked indoor lighting for such NPCs as Gosha, Senya and Victoria
  • Fixed many bugs in the design of locations
  • Added new objects in the location "Solnechny Outskirts"
  • Improved behavior of drones like Goliath
  • A lot of work has been done on the quality of the game code. This is not always noticeable to the players, but we have tried to improve the vast majority of algorithms in the game as much as possible, which should positively affect the performance and stability of the game.
    • ゲームのパフォーマンス向上、アルゴリズムの大幅変更
  • Improved vehicle handling. In addition to improvements made for the new motorcycle, the moped has also been improved.
    • 車両ハンドリングの向上
  • Improved support for game controllers when driving a motorcycle. In general, control with the controller allows you to control the motorcycle more accurately.
    • オートバイ操作時のコントローラー使用可
  • Several new achievements have been added to the game, including those related to the event.

ver 0.56

ver 0.56.2(2021年10月リリース) 大型アプデ

Good afternoon, fighters! 😎

Today we published a hotfix for version 0.56.2, which fixed various bugs.

List of changes:
  • Fixed a large amount of grace in the location "Dead Forest";
  • Fixed problem with shooting after using CCD;
  • Fixed problems with the collision of bonfires;
  • Fixed a problem with lighting in rooms, due to which some weapon skins were displayed incorrectly;
  • Fixed a problem with the death of characters, due to which the bodies of the characters could be displayed;
  • Fixed a problem with the text field for entering the date in the clan statistics;
  • Fixed a problem with the animation of pistols.

Servers stopped for the upgrade. Please, update the game client.

Updated Unreal Engine

In this patch, we’ve updated Unreal Engine to version 4.26. In this patch, we’ve updated Unreal Engine to version 4.26. That's why the update size is large enough to download.

Despite the fact that the version of Unreal Engine 4.27 was just recently announced, at the moment we have updated the Unreal Engine in our game to version 4.26, because, in our experience, the most recent version of the engine may not be the most stable.

DirectX 12 и Vulkan

Thankful updated Unreal Engine, we have added experimental support of DirectX 12 and Vulkan. DirectX 11 still can be chosen in the game settings and is the main render mode.

DirectX 11 will stay as the main render mode and will be available in the game settings.

At the moment, we didn’t make any conclusions about which API is better: everything depends on the scene, locations, and daytime. In some scenarios, DirectX 11 can be the fastest, in others be slower than Vulkan or DirectX 12. Also, we’ve noticed, that some versions of VGA drivers may cause graphical glitches, so updating of VGA drivers is recommended.

One way or another, the choice of API will be available to you so that each player can choose the most convenient API for his rig.

Volumetric clouds, new visual effects, and light

Many anomalies now use Niagara - this is an Unreal Engine tool for VFX. Also, campfires in locations, use Niagara too.

In the graphics settings, in addition to DirectX 12 and Vulkan, it is now possible to enable "Volumetric clouds". This is an updated sky, thanks to which the picture and lighting, in general, are noticeably improved in the game.

Thankful to volumetric clouds, clouds became more realistic. What about the performance, as they say, “Beauty requires sacrifice”, and new light and clouds require more powerful hardware. Those users, whose hardware doesn’t have enough computing power can always switch to the previous version of the light and clouds in the game settings. Moreover, we’ve made additional optimizations.

There is an interesting fact, that DirectX 12 sometimes can show better performance with volumetric clouds and skies, than DirectX 11. But it depends on the hardware and VGA drivers.

In any case, all players have the ability to switch between new skies and old ones, as well as switch between DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and Vulkan modes. Everyone is able to find the optimal settings for themselves! Experiment!

In addition to updating the game engine, in version 0.56.2 we paid attention to optimizations.

In the screenshot above, you can see 84 FPS in the “Korovie” location from version 0.56.1. After the optimization, in DirectX 11 mode, and with old clouds it became 108 FPS, with the same graphics parameters, time of day, and weather conditions:

This kind of optimization has been done in many places in the game. Of course, work in this direction will continue in the future, without reducing the quality of the graphics.

Faction ranking

In version 0.56.2, the rating system of the faction players has been improved. Now, you can see the statistics of the best players for the CURRENT week, month, quarter, and year.

The first time, these statistics will be empty, since statistics from the previous version of the game are not taken into account. This is a great chance for those who want to prove themselves even on old servers.

Other fixes and improvements
  • For your convenience, the “Sent Items” tab has appeared in the mailbox interface, which displays a list of the last 10 parcels you sent;
  • Fixed inaccuracies in Mavrukhin's notes, which can be found in the bunker. Duplicates removed, missing text and one new note added;
  • Improved the quest "Barman's Information";
  • Simplified the quest "Inspect the crash site of the helicopter";
  • Added missing anomalies "Radio" at the Confederate entry points in the "Testing Grounds" location;
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Goliah and the Annihilator not attacking players without a faction;
  • In the location "Arena of drones" now it is impossible to activate the event in the adjacent section, and now it is impossible to conduct a firefight between the sections of this location;
  • Players without a faction are now kicked out of the "Arena of Drones" location;
  • Fixed animation of NPCs in the bar;
  • Corrected the description of "Pharmacist-K";
  • Improved painting of the Hi-tech helmet;
  • Fixed problems in animations of brass knuckles for female characters;
  • Improved notification about the removal of "Premium Stash";
  • It is now possible to leave the PVP arena only through the guide;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the aggressor flag was reset when a character sits on a moped;
  • Fixed a bug due to which the chance of falling out of spare parts for weapon modification was calculated incorrectly;
  • Fixed a bug when using cans with glossy paint, due to which the necessary resources were not consumed;
  • The demining grenade now affects the mines of players without a faction in PVE mode;
  • Ammo loaded into the weapon is no longer removed when disassembling the weapon;
  • Improved campfire cooking. Now, if there are enough ingredients for several recipes at the same time, they can be cooked at the same time. Previously, this did not always work correctly;
  • Fixed sight glare issue;
  • Various materials and particles have been improved;
  • Removed irrelevant notifications from the game;
  • A huge number of minor fixes and improvements have been made.

ver 0.56.7(2022年4月リリース)

Good day, fighters! We have released a small patch for version 0.56.7 with the following changes:
  • Identification of equipment (MRP, MHP) was optimized;
  • The performance of the "Scorched Field" anomaly, which can be found in the "Dead Forest", in the "Canyon" and in other locations, has been optimized;
  • Some optimization of the "Canyon" location was made - FPS drawdowns may become less;
  • In the "Top Players" list, the faction icon is now displayed in front of the clan name;
  • Fixed an issue that caused "Chat Tabs" to disappear;
  • Fixed various minor bugs.

ver 0.56.6(2022年2月リリース)

The design of the “Testing Grounds” location was improved in sector A4-9. There were added additional ways
Entrance to the “Bunker” location was redesigned
Some loading screens were updated
Added an automatic flying camera while 3rd person emotions are used. You can find relevant options in the game settings. When this option is activated, the camera will start to fly around the character while 3rd-person emotions are used
Pressing the Shift key no longer causes camera shift when using some 3rd-person emotions
“Type 13” head was improved (customization)
Fixed issues with some Confederation body armor. Now they will fit on the character correctly
Improved the interior of Gosha's shop
Added new animations to Gosha
Improved the interior of Rafik's shop
Fixed incorrect position of some airdrops in the "Coast" location
Fixed issues with materials of crafted MSR-10
Fixed a problem due to which the eggs of the Giant Flesheater did not disappear after the end of the event in the "Coast" location
Fixed an issue with the Giant Flesheater getting stuck in the "Coast" location
Now the bodies of symbionts do not fall into the ground on the "Swamp" location
Particles of the bullet hits were optimized and now they do not affect FPS so much in the game.

PS: All players got 48H of Premium in honor of the celebration of Defender of the Fatherland Day in CIS

ver 0.49

ver 0.49.6(2018年4月17日リリース)

予告になかったものは New! を付けています。

Update 0.49.6 is available now!
4月17日 - WTL Online

Update 0.49.6 has been already uploaded to update servers and is available for downloading. Full list of modifications is presented below.
    • アップデート0.49.6は既にアップデートサーバにアップロードされており、ダウンロード可能です。変更の完全なリストを以下に示します。


  • We removed the “Thunder” riffle bullets at Leshiy.
    • 我々はLeshiyで "サンダー"ライフルの弾丸を取り除いた。
  • Commission shop is added at Leshiy NPC. We paid attention to the fact that players complain for the absence of necessary bullets at Leshiy. However, if we add all the bullets to this NPC, majority of players will not go outside the Swamp. That is why we decided to lay the commission trade on Swamp: thus, players will be able to regulate the supplies of necessary bullets in Swamp, make money for this and develop the trade.
    • Leshiy NPCにコミッションショップが追加されました。私たちは、プレイヤーがLeshiyに必要な弾丸がないことに不平を言うという事実に注意を払った。しかし、すべての弾をこのNPCに追加すると、大部分のプレイヤーはSwampの外に出ることはありません。だからスワンプに委託取引をすることに決めたのは、プレイヤーがスワンプで必要な弾丸の供給を規制し、これをお金を稼ぎ、貿易を発展させることができるからです。
  • Now furnance allows producing more steel ingots at a time. We paid attention to the fact that production of armor plates takes lots of time, and we decided to simplify this process. Number of cells for production of steel ingots is distributed as follows: 5 at hunter and miner, 4 at mercenary, 10 cells at engineer. Thus, you will be able to produce armor plates faster.
    • 今の炉は一度に多くの鉄鋼インゴットを生産することができます。私たちは、装甲板の生産には多くの時間がかかるという事実に注意を払い、このプロセスを簡素化することに決めました。スチールインゴットの生産のためのセルの数は、ハンターとマイナーで5、傭兵で4、エンジニアで10のように分配されます。したがって、鎧のプレートをより速く生産することができます。

  • As in previous updates, we continued the work on optimization of «Solnechniy Outskirts» location. This location is big, it causes the serious system load, because lots of different objects, mobs, etc. located there. In future, this location will be divided into two parts; this shall increase the capacity, load performance, and decrease the load on your PC.
      • 以前のアップデートと同様に、私たちは«Solnechniy郊外»の最適化に関する作業を続けました。この場所は大きく、重大なシステム負荷を引き起こします。なぜなら、さまざまなオブジェクト、mobなどがそこに配置されているからです。将来、この場所は2つの部分に分割されます。これは容量を増やし、パフォーマンスを向上させ、PCの負荷を軽減します。

  • The damage, inflicted by bear, is increased. We think that this monster shall be stronger and more dangerous.
    • クマが与えるダメージが増えます。このモンスターはより強く、より危険になると思う。
  • Speed of powerleveling for each weapon is set individually now. Now we increased the speed of powerleveling of weapon on low level, which shall positively influence the development of character. Setting of speed of powerleveling of each weapon will be made in future updates as well.
    • 各武器のパワーレベリングのスピードは、個別に設定されます。今度は、キャラクターの発展に積極的に影響する低レベルでの武器のパワーレベルアップのスピードを高めました。将来のアップデートでも、各武器のパワーレベル設定のスピード設定が行われます。
  • Balance in location «Spider’s cave» is changed, and situation there became easier.
    • 場所のバランス«スパイダーの洞窟»が変更され、状況がより簡単になりました。
  • Basic portable weight of all the characters was increased by 3 kilos.
    • すべてのキャラクターの基本的な携帯重量は3キロ増加しました。
  • «Monocular», MRP-1 and MHP-1 devices are not dropped out any more after the character death.
    • 「Monocular」では、MRP-1とMHP-1のデバイスは、キャラクターが死亡した後、もはや脱落しません。

New! Guides
  • New!This version of the game contains guides. You may address to them for moving from “Korovye” village to “Swamp” location and back, for a certain charge. Guides are available starting from the level 10.
    • このバージョンのゲームにはガイドが含まれています。 「Korovye」村から「Swamp」の場所に移動して戻ってきて、一定の料金を請求することができます。ガイドはレベル10から利用可能です。

  • «Glassware breakage» quest became easier.
    • «Glassware breakage»クエストが簡単になりました。
  • Bulbs in the quest might be found as a subject, which is sat, for example, somewhere in the wardrobe.
    • クエストの球根は、例えば、ワードローブのどこかに座っている主題として見つかるかもしれません。
  • Fire extinguisher in the quest is not situated in the box, but is shown as separate 3D model.
    • クエストの消火器は箱に入っていませんが、別の3Dモデルとして表示されます。
  • New! When getting the quest «Last component», player gets anti-rad as well.
    • クエスト「Last component」を取得すると、プレイヤーはアイテムの"Antirad"も取得します。
  • We corrected the problem with quest «Alcohol deliveries». Now you can collect all the vodka.
    • クエスト«アルコール配達»で問題を修正しました。今ではすべてのウォッカを集めることができます。
  • Items in the quest «Instruments» are 3D model now.
    • クエスト«Instruments»のアイテムは3Dモデルです。
  • Number of wild hogs for quest «Fells of wild hogs» was increase
    • クエストのための野生の豚の数«野生の豚の仲間»の増加

Design of locations
  • Now houses in the cemetery near the Solnechniy, as well as in «Korovye» and «Inzhenerny» villages are open for search.
    • Solnechniyの近くにある墓地の家がKorovyeやInzhenerny付近の墓のように探索できるようになります(Nowは「今回のパッチで」という意味では無かろうか?)
  • New! Turrets near Solnechniy now fights against Black Sunset
    • BlackSunset側にいる場合、Solnechniy Cityの砲塔が撃ってくるようになった

  • Quality of head model for male characters is improved.
    • 男性キャラクターの頭のモデルの改善します。

  • We added the possibility to invite the player to the group by circular menu, even if you do not have created group yet.
    • キャラクターのサークルメニューからプレイヤーを招待できるようになりました。
  • If your character is in the range of vision of turret, indicator appears. As well, indicator appears, which shows the remained time of punishment for PK.
    • セーフゾーンのタレットの先的範囲にいる場合にインジゲーターが表示されるようになります。また、PKの罰に対する時間もインジゲーターが表示されます。
  • Server-time is reflected in the list of servers.
    • サーバーリストに時間を表示します

  • Problem with big pile of coal near Minayev’s mine is solved.
    • Minayev’s mineの鉱山の近くにある石炭の問題を解決します。
  • Problem with ladder for descending into the mine is corrected.
    • 鉱山のはしごに関する問題を修正します。
  • Problem with Watchers in MTE is corrected. Now they behave adequately.
    • MTEのウォッチャーの挙動に関する問題を改善します。
  • New! We corrected the problem with sand spiders.
    • 砂漠のSand spiderのバグ修正(big spiderの硬直のみ)
  • New! We corrected the problem with «throwback» of experience when servers reboot.
    • サーバー再起動による経験値の«スローバック»を修正。
  • New! Radiation does not influence the character in safe zone any more.
    • セーフゾーンでの放射能の無効化
  • New! We corrected the collision problem for some buildings.
    • いくつかの建物の当たり判定を修正しました。
  • New! Problem with items merging at stockman was solved
    • Stockman(倉庫)でのアイテム合併問題が解決されました

New! Other
  • New! Increased cells quantity for stash. Now it have 15 cells.
    • 自由に配置できるStashのセルの数が15個に増えました。
  • New! TAB key can be binded now.
    • TABキーがコントロール設定で使用可能になりました。

  • Some mistakes in English translation are corrected
    • 英語の翻訳に関するミスを修正します

New! Bugreport system
  • New! We added the possibility to report the cheat.
    • チート報告用のレポート機能を追加しました。

4月18日 ver0.49.6追加パッチ

  • Increased the cost of chromium and nickel.
    • クロムとニッケルのコスト増加
  • Quest "The Last Component" can no longer be canceled.
    • クエスト"The Last Component"はキャンセルできなくなった。
  • Improved campfire interface.
    • 焚火のインターフェイスの改善
  • Fixed a problem with the sentry model.
    • セントリーのモデルの改善
  • Added one more turret near Gosha.
    • Gosha(Korovie village)にタレットを追加
  • Turrets now do not kill innocent players.
    • タレットはもう罪を犯していないプレイヤーは見逃します。


  • Unreal Engine was updated to version 4.19.2
    • アンリアルエンジンのバージョンを 4.19.2 に更新

Level design
  • Location “Solnecnhiy Outskirts” was split into 2 parts.
    • 負荷軽減の為、Solnecnhiy Outskirtsマップを二つに分割。
  • Added lots of objects to the eastern part of the “Solnecniy Outskirts”.
    • Solnecnhiy Outskirts 東部に多数のオブジェクトを追加
  • Added a new village “Sosnovka”.
    • 新しいロケーション Sosnovka村を追加
  • The “secret” place in the location “Swamp” was redesigned.
    • Swampマップ内の秘密の通路のデザインを更新
  • Fixed a lot of small bugs in the design of locations.
    • 多数の細かい地形バグの修正
  • There were added new fields of nickel and chromium in the “Minaevskaya” mine.
    • Minaevskaya坑道内にニッケルとクロム鉱石を多数追加
  • Added new kind of loot items.
    • 新モンスター素材を追加

No-PK Servers
  • We added the faction war possibility at No-PK Servers. Now you can fight with players from enemy faction even on No-PK servers.
    • No-PKサーバでも勢力が異なるプレイヤーを攻撃可能に変更。

  • Engineers got a new sub-machine gun UMP at 20th level.
    • エンジニア用のLV20サブマシンガン:UMPを追加
  • Engineers can use a special bait for monsters now.
    • エンジニア用設置物:電子餌を追加
  • The throw of grenades was improved.
    • 手榴弾の投げモーションと距離を改善

  • Added a new helmet at 8th level.
    • LV8用頭防具:ヘルメットを追加

  • We've added a possibility to leave the faction. Let us note, if you leave the faction, you can never join it again.
    • 勢力脱退が可能に。ただし一度抜けると二度と再加入できません。

Clans (experimental feature)
  • We’ve added a possibility to invite a player to the clan.
    • クランにプレイヤーを招待できるようになりました
  • We’ve added a possibility to exclude a player from the clan.
    • クランからメンバーを追放できるようになりました
  • Added a possibility to leave the clan.
    • クランから脱退可能になりました

  • All quests to Bunker now available only at 16th level.
    • Bunkerのクエスト受注に必要なレベルを16に引き上げ
  • We’ve added a new quest with a new recipe to stockman at “Big Village” location
    • Big Village 倉庫番より新レシピがもらえるクエストを追加
  • Now you can join to the faction only at 16th level.
    • 勢力加入の必要最低LVを16に引き上げ

  • Added new faces for male characters.
    • 男性キャラの頭部モデルを更新しました
  • Character animation was improved.
    • キャラクターのアニメーションを改善

  • The radioactive metal “Alpha” now don't fall out of the elder bugs.
    • Elder Bugからの Radioactive Metal "Alpha" ドロップを削除
  • If you have a lot of radioactive metal and radioactive metal “Alpha” in your backpack, you will receive a radiation damage.
    • Radioactive Metal を持っていると放射能ダメージをくらうように変更
  • The radius of the turrets in the “Korovie” village was reduced.
    • 南の街のターレットの反応距離を減少
  • Added possibility to use a medicine and stimulators in same time.
    • Stimulatorを使いながら回復アイテムを使うことが可能に

  • Fixed a fps drop when chat is overflowed.
    • チャット履歴過多によるフレームドロップ問題を修正
  • Fixed a bug with the turret at the Black Sunset camp.
    • Black Sunset キャンプのターレットの問題を修正
  • Fixed a bug with the “Take All” button, which was a cause of the loss some items.
    • アイテム消失の原因となっていた Take All ボタンのバグを修正
  • Repair kit for clothes now don’t offer you to repair armored plate
    • 防具用リペアキットでアーマープレートが直せるように表示されていたバグを修正

  • Rats, dogs and boars now can attack you in the movement and without stopping. Beware!
    • ネズミ系、犬系、イノシシ系の敵を移動しながら攻撃できるように強化

  • AntiAliasing default settings was changed.
    • アンチエイリアスのデフォルトエンジン設定を改善。(軽くて見た目が良くなりました)

  • Added autorun/autowalk feature.
    • オートラン機能を追加(オプションから設定可能)
  • Now you can place a gift in the someone’s stash.
    • 他人の Stash を開くと表示されるプレゼントボタンを追加
  • Now you can mute some players in the chat
    • チャット内のプレイヤーを選択してミュート可能に
  • “Take All” button was removed from the stockman
    • 倉庫インターフェースからTake Allボタンを削除

0.50.1 Hotfix版

  • Solved a problem with helmet for female characters.
    • ヘルメットを装備した女性キャラクターの表示バグを修正
  • Fixed a problem with animation of lupara.
    • Luparaショットガンのアニメーション問題を修正
  • Faction war on no-PK servers now works properly.
    • No-PKサーバの勢力間戦闘を正しく動作するよう修正
  • Spawn of boars was moved away from Roaming trader.
    • Roaming Trader 周辺で沸いていたイノシシのスポーンポイントを遠ざけるよう移動
  • Fixed a problem with items for quests.
    • クエストアイテム絡みの問題を修正
  • Fixed a problem with the Guide while you traveling to Black Sunset from the Swamp.
    • ガイドNPCを利用し、Swamp から Black Sunset Camp にファストトラベルした場合に発生していたバグを修正
  • Fixed a problems with the electrictronic bait. We’ve discovered that some monsters react incorrectly to this tool. In this reason, we’ve disabled a reaction of some monsters to this tool until next update.
    • 電子餌が特定のモンスターの動作を完全に停止してしまう問題を確認しました。解決策が見つかるまで、該当モンスターにのみ、電子餌は無効になるように変更されます
  • Resolved an experience abuse of the Big Cave Spider.
    • Big Cave Spider の経験値バグを修正
  • Fixed a crash which caused by faction wars on MSK-1.
    • MSK-1サーバの勢力間戦闘により引き起こされていたクラッシュ問題を修正
  • Fixed a problem with graphics settings when you leave to main menu.
    • メインメニューを閉じるとグラフィック設定が保存されない問題を修正
  • Improved game stability.
    • ゲーム全体の動作安定性を向上

0.50.2 Hotfix版

  • Improved server performance and stability.
    • サーバープログラムのパフォーマンスと安定性を改善
  • Increased a drop from the hornets and added elder hornets to location.
    • Hornetのアイテムドロップ率を向上し、Elder Hornet を同位置に追加
  • Fixed a problem with armor painting. Now you can color your armor and helmet not only as camouflage but also in regular color.
    • 防具のペイント問題を修正。胴アーマーやヘルメットにカモフラージュのみでなく、通常色ペイントも可能に。
  • An armor protection from monsters was completely redesigned. Now it protects you better from monsters with higher durability.
    • 防具の性能を完全に一新。防具の耐久値と防御性能が比例するよう変更。
  • We have changed a behavior of some monsters. Now they wouldn't run to you if you attack them from long range.
    • 特定モンスターを長距離から攻撃すると襲って来ないように変更
  • MRP/MHP now can be taken only by engineer.
    • エンジニア用設置物のMRPやMHPはエンジニアでないと回収できないように変更



  • FOV setting is revised for all the weapons in pointing mode.
    • 武器毎のFOV(視野角)値を見直し

Design of locations
  • Added a new anomaly: the web.
    • 新アノマリー: Web を追加
  • Added a new location: Shooting Range. This location is intended for fans to practice shooting. You can travel to this location from Rafik or Valera.
    • 新エリア: 射撃場を追加。RafikもしくはValeraに話しかけて移動する、射撃練習用のエリアです。

  • Experience for killing of fire spiders in increased.
    • Fire Spiderから得られる経験値を増加
  • Award for quest «Sand spiders» is increased.
    • «Sand spiders»クエストの報酬を増加
  • Balance of lizards is changed: lizards’ attack is improved, their health points are decreased, experience is increased.
    • リザードのバランス調整:リザードの攻撃を修正し、HPを減少、経験値を増加
  • Amount of pollen of hornets is decreased in quest «Sticky situation: Valera».
    • «Sticky situation: Valera»クエストに必要なアイテム数を減少
  • Increased cost for the transfer to the Swamp. Now it costs 2500 tokens.
    • Swampへのファストトラベル料金を2500トークンに増加。またSwampから各所へのファストトラベル料金も2500トークンに増加。
  • Players with low reputation (less than 20%) in the faction now can be killed by faction turret.
    • Reputationが20%以下のプレイヤーは友軍ターレットの攻撃対象になるように変更

New items:
  • New antidote is added to the game; it protects against the toxins of lizards and bog belches.
    • Belchやリザードの毒を中和するアンチドートを追加
  • Rare weapon may drops out from some bosses now.
    • 特定のボスからごく稀に希少武器がドロップするように変更

  • Model of Makarov gun is updated.
    • マカロフ拳銃のモデル更新
  • Model of "Fox" riffle is updated.
    • Foxライフルのモデル更新

  • Problem with screen resolution settings is solved.
    • 画面解像度の設定周りの問題を修正
  • Solved a problem with grenades which caused the crash of the game.
    • ゲームをクラッシュさせていたグレネードの問題を修正
  • Problems with incorrect reloading of some types of weapons were solved.
    • 特定の武器に対するリロード周りの問題を修正
  • We eliminated the mistake, due to which blocked quest items might be put to the stash.
    • クエストアイテムをStashに入れれないように修正
  • Problem with leaving the clan was solved.
    • クラン脱退に関する問題を修正
  • Solved a problem with clan creation at Valera.
    • Valeraでクランを設立出来なかった問題を修正
  • Fixed a problem with Night-Vision battery usage.
    • ナイトビジョンゴーグルのバッテリー消費に関する問題を修正
  • Fixed a problem with quest “Journal of «Radar Group»”. Let us know if Michalych don’t provide you quests after quest “Search of Radar Group”.
    • «Radar Group»クエストの日記を見てもクエストが進まない問題を修正
  • Lots of other mistakes and errors were eliminated.
    • その他多数の問題を修正



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furnanceの変更とDesign of locationsの変更について和訳をしてみました。コメントアウトしてあるので良さそうなら更新してください。

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